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The movie, Long Shot looks like a load of laughs. The movie features Charlize Theron as an American presidential candidate who runs into a childhood friend and they both proceed to get involved in the most unlikely shenanigans. What's more interesting though is the way Hollywood has started to sow the seed for a female president. I had a discussion with a colleague about how Hollywood influences the psyche, the culture and the laws in America (and the rest of the world by extension) only to watch this movie trailer a few days later. The idea of a black American president was seeded over a long time. The earliest I remember was in the 1997 Bruce Willis movie The Fifth Element. The concept seemed ludicrous at the time but it kept coming back to Hollywood. 24 was another good example. A more realistic one. It showed what a black First Family would look like. And the American people bought into it. That is one of the roles of art in a society. Record our history, shape our psyche,
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Should we increase the Minimum Wage?

So why do I think the Nigerian government should increase the minimum wage?  #Storytime Why the Government Should Pay More In 2002, I was in Lagos searching for an internship position. The average pay for interns at the time ranged from N3,000 to N5,000. There was a popular telecoms company that always took on interns and paid N3,000. That was my fall-back option but my goal was to find a place that paid N5,000. I scoured the whole of Lagos, walking door-to-door, office-to-office, dropping off what was my resume at the time. You have to remember this was 2002, before Facebook , LinkedIn or . I didn't even have a mobile phone. Eventually I got an interview at this company in Victoria Island. They offered to pay me N6,000 but I hated the thought of working there. Why? First thing, everyone wore uniforms in this place. And when I say everyone, that includes 40-year old men with wives at home. The company manufactured electronic cards not medical equipment! Why the

Don't Give Us Fish! On the DMO's Response to Why Nigeria is Borrowing From China - #ChinaAfrica

The Nigerian Debt Management Office's response to concerns about Nigeria borrowing from China is the equivalent of one saying "God forbid" to the possibility of a car crash... and then proceeding to drive without a seat-belt .  Saying the possibility of a failure to default does not exist is an extremely naive statement. It's just like saying the possibility of a recession did not exist because Nigeria was the largest economy in Africa .  Also the Zambia example is not yet ancient history.   The question the DMO needs to answer is, what happens if there is a default? The reason concessional loans exist is because they come with certain conditions that favour the lender directly or indirectly. They either influence your policy-making or tie you into agreements that significantly hamper the potential for independent economic growth in future with severe penalties in case of a default.   The question I ask is where did China, Singapore or South Korea borrow from to

Why GMB should remove the fuel subsidy now

Before you come after me with accusations of wanting to remove the only benefit of the poor man from the all-too-evasive national cake,  let us think through this proposal together. What would happen if GMB'S first act upon being sworn-in is to deregulate the petroleum sector and remove the fuel subsidy? First of all, the oil marketers and filling stations would be free to openly sell fuel at the ridiculous prices that they currently sell in secret. There would be no need for the black market as you can drive into the nearest filling station and buy fuel at whatever exorbitant price they choose to sell it. But you would be buying from the pump, not paying some roadside tout to fill your tank with something you hope is petrol at the same exorbitant price. Next, after moaning for a couple of weeks (and a possible NLC strike), Nigerians would start to curb their fuel usage. Couples with 2 cars would share 1 (and spend more time with each other). People going for social functions

Africa & The Western Response

This is a response to an article from TheGuardian written by a westerner, whining in typical altruistic fashion, about the inadequacies of the handouts from the western world to underprivileged entitled African nations. Well I am from one such "poor deserving African nation" and I say it's about time we learned to clean up our own messes. All my life, I have observed African countries waiting for "the Western response" to our own problems. The Nigerian president publicly opined that "America will know" when US dollars are "stolen" anywhere in the world as it is "their money", meaning it is somehow the responsibility of the US government to investigate corruption in Africa. Americans do not mess around with the safety of its citizens. The Ebola missionaries flown to US for treatment are just an example. Then again, there was the captured US soldier that was gotten in exchange for 5 Taliban soldiers (yes, 5 terrorists in excha

Finally, A Legacy for GEJ

For the first time in 3 years, I have experienced over 72 hours of consistent electricity. To this I say, "Jonathan, go ahead". I have always said we do not require a president with an agenda containing 20 fancy items. We only need someone to solve 2 main problems (3, actually): Security, Electric Power Supply, (and Corruption) While GEJ is performing abysmally with respect to the first item above, a successful PHCN privatization is the first step towards the 2nd. If the Jonathan administration can pull this off, it will go down in history as the administration that resolved Nigeria's notorious power problems. Power problems that have killed enterprise in the country and rendered many innocent citizens helpless against the greed and corruption of dim-witted "NEPA" officials. The same way, Obasanjo has gone down in history as the leader that introduced the most significant reforms in the Nigerian banking sector. This also required sacrifice with a numbe

Uzoma Okere: A Case Among Many

This is a note that I published on facebook two years ago after an unfortunate incident in Victoria Island, Lagos where a young lady was physically assaulted in broad daylight by military men. A few days ago, after being piqued at the sight of a military man violating the recently passed state law prohibiting the use of motorbikes on the Third Mainland bridge in Lagos, I decided to publish this article to a wider audience. ...................................................................................................................................................... November 5th, 2008, I felt elated. For apparently no reason. I mentioned this to my boss and he said it was just hope. Hope that if an african can rule God's own country, then there's no limit for me. I replied that there was no way that directly transcends to me here, in Nigeria. Obama being the US president doesn't stop some cretin in a uniform under the guise of being a police "officer" h